The main purpose of ACoSeP is to advance and enable the efficient and effective communication between the various Private Security Chambers, Organisations and Professionals. ACoSeP recognises that it is also extremely important that any information that is provided must be relevant, worthwhile and timely.

To avoid overloading all parties with unnecessary and irrelevant information, ACoSeP will form a hierarchy of Focus Groups which will help in the filtering of security information. In this way, information relevant to only one, or some, of these Groups will only be disseminated to those Groups where it's effectiveness will be useful in a timely manner. At the same time, information deemed necessary for all Groups will be disseminated to everyone.

ACoSeP will look into the design and development of each and every Focus Group from a multidisciplinary perspective using cross-functional teams with members having different functional expertise thus increasing the level of creativity and innovation toward a common goal. The intention is to have as few Focus Groups as necessary and to ensure the correct development of relevant standards, meeting the specific needs of the various Private Security Chambers, Organisations and Professionals, with appropriate training methodologies and practice, after researching all aspects of the issue.

An initial suggestion on Focus Group formation / separation is shown below:

Security Guards,
Security Consultants,
Operators of Security Equipment: X-Ray Machines, Metal Detectors, etc
Security Educators: Academics, Trainers, Instructors, Tutors, etc
Security Personnel and Function Recruiters,
Canine Units / Teams: Patrol, Scent Detection of illicit substances, Search & Rescue, Mantrailing, Tracking, etc
Equipment and Service Providers,
Any other group deemed necessary.